Archaeologists Unearth 3,200-Year-Old Canaanite Temple in Israel

Built around 1800 B.C., Lachish is mentioned in both the Bible and in various Egyptian sources and was one of the few Canaanite cities to survive into the 12th century BCE,

More than 80 unique graves discovered in Egypt

The tombs that were found in Om al-Khilgan area in Daqahilia dated back to 4,000 B.C. that was known as Lower Egypt civilization. Archaeologists expect to uncover additional graves at the site.

Mystery Of World’s Largest Ritualistic Killing Of Children In Ancient Peru

More than 140 children were ritually killed in a single event in Peru more than 500 years ago. What could possibly have been the reason?

7,000-year-old well is the oldest wooden structure ever discovered

The well is considered to be the oldest dated archaeological wooden construction in the world.

17,000 Years Old Stone tools unearthed in Malaysian caves

The National Heritage Department has found more than 100 Palaeolithic artefacts estimated to be 17,000 years old in several caves in Gunung Pulai here.

2000-Year-Old Iron Age Warrior Grave Unearthed in England

The 'incredibly rare' grave was discovered during excavations ahead of the building of 175 new homes near Chichester, West Sussex

Tsunami might have destroyed Harappan port town of Dholavira

Port town of Dholavira in Gujarat, the fifth largest Harappan site, might have been destroyed by a massive tsunami, a study by CSIR-National Institute...

Archaeologists find medieval palace buried under prehistoric fortress at Old Sarum

Geophysical survey of site gives scholars an unprecedented opportunity to more fully understand Norman town planning
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