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African skeletons from early colonial Mexico tell the story of first-generation slaves

An interdisciplinary study into the origins and health status of three African skeletons unearthed in Mexico shows evidence of forced migration, physical trauma, and the introduction of infectious diseases from Africa.

Rare Butchery Scene Found in 30,000-year-old Rock Art in India

While hunting scenes are well attested in Indian rock art, only two depictions of butchering are known from sites in India, and are very rare globally.

Grave of Parthian warrior accidentally unearthed in Iran

Ancient tomb chamber - that probably belonged to the Parthian soldier - has been discovered in northern Iran.

‘River monster’ fossil rewrites history of swimming dinosaurs

Fossilized tail bones indicate Spinosaurus, a menacing dinosaur bigger than T. rex, was definitely able to swim.

Pompeii Ruins Show That the Romans Invented Recycling

Archaeologists have determined rubbish mounds outside the city walls at Pompeii were “recycling sites” where trash was sorted, reformed and resold, revealing the ancient Pompeiians were eco-conscious too.

3,600-Year-Old Mummy Discovered in Egypt

A Spanish-Egyptian archaeological mission headed by José Galán uncovered an anthropoid coffin containing a mummy dating back to the 17th dynasty in Draa Abul Naga necropolis on Luxor’s West Bank.

Australian Aboriginal Rock Art

Aboriginal rock art is the oldest form of indigenous Australian art. It is thought that there are over 100,000 rock art sites in Australia which provide a unique archive of indigenous art.

India’s largest known burial site is 3,800 yrs old, confirms carbon dating

The discovery in India’s Sinauli could alter the understanding of contemporary Harappan culture, says Archaeological Society of India.

Ancient Cave Found in Egypt with Unique Predynastic Rock Carvings

The ancient cave was found in a mountainous area in Northern Sinai. The rock carvings are of a type not seen before in the region.
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