Sumerian Civilization

4,500-Year-Old Sumerian Palace Discovered in Iraq

A 4,500-year-old palace from the Kingdom of Lagash unearthed in modern-day southern Iraq could hold the keys to a greater understanding of Sumerian history.

Uruk: The World’s First Big City

Cities began to emerge about the same time in various places around the world. But most archaeologists agree that it is fair to claim Uruk as one of the world’s first cities.

Sumerian Art & Architecture

Like many ancient cultures, the Sumerians developed art that was largely reflective of their religious beliefs. The Sumerian art medium of choice was clay which was abundant in the region, but statues made from stone have also been unearthed. Often artist decoration adorned functional items such as pottery, weapons, or even farm implements.

Life in ancient Sumer

The first writing system. The plow. The sailboat. The first lunar calendar. These accomplishments and more were the products of the city-states of Sumer,...

The Forgotten Civilization of Ancient Sumer

Sumer is recognized as the cradle of man’s modern origins; the world’s first advanced civilization. Known for their innovations in language, governance, architecture and more, Sumerian civilization flourished from 4500 to 1900 BC
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