Ancient DNA reveals Tibetan ancestry shaped by rich history: study

Researchers have characterized the DNA of 89 ancient individuals from the Tibetan Plateau, some of whom lived as early as about 5,100 years ago,...

4,500-Year-Old Sumerian Palace Discovered in Iraq

A 4,500-year-old palace from the Kingdom of Lagash unearthed in modern-day southern Iraq could hold the keys to a greater understanding of Sumerian history.

Massive 3,000-year-old Mayan Monument discovered in Southern Mexico

An enormous pyramid-topped platform, unnoticed until detected with the help of lasers, is the oldest and largest structure yet discovered in the Maya region.

1100-year-old monolithic sandstone Shivling unearthed in Vietnam’s Cham temple complex

The Archaeological Survey of India on Wednesday unearthed a monolithic sandstone Shiva Linga of the 9th century during its conservation project. The structure was excavated...

Jews and Arabs share genetic link to ancient Canaanites, study finds

A new study of ancient DNA traces the surprising heritage of these mysterious Bronze Age people.

Roman mosaic floor has been discovered under a vineyard in northern Italy

A beautiful and remarkably well preserved mosaic floor from ancient Rome has been discovered by archaeologists in northern Italy. The intricate, multi-colored tiles likely date to the third century A.D.

Experts find bones of dozens of mammoths in Mexico City

Archeologists have discovered bones belonging to some 60 mammoths to the north of Mexico City, according to reports.

Aboriginal Rock Art: Murray River Rockshelter Reveals Region’s History

A hidden Murray River rockshelter speaks volumes about local Aboriginal and European settlement in the Riverland, with symbols of conflict - including a swastika...

Text Found on Dead Sea Scroll Fragments

Fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls long believed to be entirely blank have now been shown to contain hidden text that hasn't been read for several decades, if not much, much longer.
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