Historic Places

Monolithic Rock Cut Temples of Masrur

The temple standing magnificently on a hill crescent is a unique example of monolithic temples in the sub Himalayan region. The entire complex contains about 15 sikhara temples and a rectangular water tank

Stonehenge: England’s Megalithic Mystery

Recognized worldwide, Stonehenge seems an impossible task: how, and why, did prehistoric people build it?

Angkor Wat – Worlds largest religious monument

Located in Siem Reap, Angkor Wat was once the largest pre-industrial city in the world. It remains one of the world's ancient wonders and is a must-see for any visitor to Cambodia.

The Rock-cut Jain monuments of Gwalior, India

Tirthankara Jain sculptures are one of finest attractions in ancient city of Gwalior, india. These sculptures also shows off the architectural skills of minorities of Jainism.

Chand Baori: World’s Largest and Most Visually Striking Stepwell

Chand Baori stepwell was built during the 8th and 9th centuries and has 3,500 narrow steps arranged in perfect symmetry, which descend 20m to the bottom of the well.

The Mysterious Stone Carvings In Unakoti

Tripura has beautiful rock cut carvings and stone images at Unakoti. Most of these carvings are huge in size and made on vertical walls exposed in the open atmosphere.

25 Incredible Ancient Pyramids Around The World

No matter if the civilization was Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Indian or Mayan, its legacy today is in part marked by towering pyramids. While not all of them resemble the Egyptian pyramids there’s little doubt that they’re equally as wondrous.

The Huaca Pucllana: A massive ancient pyramid you probably never knew existed

Lima, Peru is home to a number of different wonders of the world, and one of them is Huaca Pucllana, a massive pyramid that many people had no idea even existed.

The Musical Pillars Of The Vittala Temple in Hampi

One of the notable features of the Vittala Temple is the musical pillars. When hit with sandalwood sticks, they produced rhythmic sounds close to the Musical note.
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