India’s largest known burial site is 3,800 yrs old, confirms carbon dating

The discovery in India’s Sinauli could alter the understanding of contemporary Harappan culture, says Archaeological Society of India.

Ancient Cave Found in Egypt with Unique Predynastic Rock Carvings

The ancient cave was found in a mountainous area in Northern Sinai. The rock carvings are of a type not seen before in the region.

Archaeologists Verify Location of Elusive Spanish Fort at Florida’s Mound Key

Archaeologists and historians have long suspected that the fort, named for the Catholic patron saint of lost things, was located on Mound Key. Researchers have been searching for concrete evidence in the area since 2013.

The muddle in the middle-Pleistocene

Professor Lee Berger explains the mystery surrounding human relatives living in Africa during the middle Pleistocene.

300,000-year-old throwing stick documents the evolution of hunting

Homo heidelbergensis used wooden weapons to hunt waterbirds and horses

Examining heart extractions in ancient Mesoamerica

New findings on procedures and meanings of human heart sacrifices in Mesoamerica

Study Sheds Light On Unique Culinary Traditions Of Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers

A new study suggests the culinary tastes of ancient people were not solely dictated by the foods available in a particular area, but also influenced by the traditions and habits of cultural groups.

Neolithic genomes from modern-day Switzerland indicate parallel ancient societies

Genetic studies have revealed that Central Europeans, during the Neolithic, were genetically mixed between indigenous European hunter-gatherers and new incoming people with ancestry related to Western Anatolian early farmers

Mystery of unique 2,100-year-old human clay head – with a ram’s skull inside

The soldier was laid to rest wearing his clay likeness 2,100 years ago in a burial mound in Russia alongside the burned corpses of 200 other people.
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