The Mysterious Stone Carvings In Unakoti

Tripura has beautiful rock cut carvings and stone images at Unakoti. Most of these carvings are huge in size and made on vertical walls exposed in the open atmosphere.

25 Incredible Ancient Pyramids Around The World

No matter if the civilization was Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Indian or Mayan, its legacy today is in part marked by towering pyramids. While not all of them resemble the Egyptian pyramids there’s little doubt that they’re equally as wondrous.

The Huaca Pucllana: A massive ancient pyramid you probably never knew existed

Lima, Peru is home to a number of different wonders of the world, and one of them is Huaca Pucllana, a massive pyramid that many people had no idea even existed.

The Musical Pillars Of The Vittala Temple in Hampi

One of the notable features of the Vittala Temple is the musical pillars. When hit with sandalwood sticks, they produced rhythmic sounds close to the Musical note.

Top 20 Buddhist Stupas in India

Stupa is a hemispherical structure containing Buddhist relics and place of meditation used by Buddhists monks. In the period between the Mauryas and the Guptas the older stupas were greatly enlarged and beautified. Of these three are noteworthy—those at Bharhut and Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh, and at Amaravati in the lower Krishna valley.

Vaishali – The first republic state of the world

Vaishali, considered to be World’s First Republic and currently an Archaeological site, is situated in the district with the same name, Vaishali, in the Bihar state of India.

Lothal – Ancient Port City of Indus Valley Civilization

Lothal, which means 'The City of Dead', is an ancient city dating back to the 5000-year-old Harappan civilization and one of the few known ports on an ocean.

12,000 Year Old Rock-art of Tadrart Acacus

The Rock-art Sites of Tadrart Acacus hold thousands of cave paintings that reflect the way of life of different Saharan civilizations.

Bateshwar Temples — India’s largest jigsaw puzzle

Bateshwar Temple complex is not home to only a solitary temple but the temples here form a giant jigsaw puzzle with its pieces scattered over 25 acres of a hill slope.
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